Iseng banget…. Gara-gara kemarin baca komen salah satu reader yang bilang kayaknya baca puisi ini bakal bikin lidah belibet, saya jadi penasaran dan nyobain sendiri. So… this is my version. Kalo dalam otak saya, kayak ginilah Kyu bakalan bacain puisi ini.

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Hahaha… jangan ketawa ya kalo jelek :p




Living a life with you… will be more fun than spending my days going around the world with my private jet-plane

There will be so many things we can do together

We can go to the Alps, the only snowy place that you’d like to see

Or to Denali in Alaska to enjoy the spring blossoms

Maybe I can take you to go hiking on the Laugavegur trail in the southern Iceland

Or just visiting Ragga in Austria in the summer

Or, if you prefer the simple one, we can just sitting in our patio all day, just by looking each other’s faces, with no words, with no shits, like we always did

Or maybe having a cup of delicious coffee in the morning, playing in the swimming pool at noon, or seeing the sky view on our rooftop when the night comes


I want to go to Machu Picchu, or maybe Toblino Lake in Trentino, Italy

Or enjoying the view in Killarney, Ireland

Maybe we can also go to Half Moon Island to see the penguins

And thanks God; you’d never go there, so we can go for the first time together

So, I can bring you to every place you dream about, with so much happiness we can share to each other


But then I change my thought when I look at you…

Wife, I think I’d rather look at you than any other places, paintings, portraits, views, or faces in this Earth

Because you are more beautiful than the wonderful sunrise in Emerald Bay

Or the breathtaking sunset in Cliffs of Moher in your beloved Ireland


I don’t want, and never want, to conquer the universe

With you in my arms will be pretty enough, because it will feel like I get the whole world

Because, Baby, being a president is not my dream

You are….